COVID-19, Event Change
Alano Club of Joliet is closed until further notice.Will County Fellowship club is closed until further notice.Mokena Fellowship Club is closed until further notice. Hope Lutheran Church's meetings are cancelled until further notice.  This includes Tuesday 12 x 12 meeting and Friday Big Book study, both at 6 PM. They will be open for their mass only and for election day.  ALL outside activities are cancelled.  Our Savior Lutheran Church, Mondays at 7:00 pm Women's 12 x 12 Group Women 1910 Black Rd., Joliet is cancelled until further notice.
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Temporary Online Meeting substitutes For In-Person Meetings

Many meetings are being cancelled and being able to keep up with them all is a nearly impossible task. Best possible way to reduce the risks would be to attend online meetings. In order to help maintain regular meeting schedules and also decrease the chances of contracting or carrying the Coronavirus (COVID-19) the link below is a list of meetings currently being offered online. Online AA Meeting-ListDownload Here are some other online resources to utilize. Hear Bill W. speak about Dr. Bob and the beginning History of AA Joe and Charlie Big Book Study Need a laugh and link to "funny" AA speakers Chalk Talk w Father Martin Hallmark When Love Is Not Enough, The Lois Wilson Story See Bill & Louis live in 1964…
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Central Office, in New York, is closed until further notice.

Event Change
We want our volunteer and staff to stay safe and healthy. The Staff will be available by email and assistance the fellowship the best we can remotely. A.A. members will continue to answer the phone and respond emails. We encourage your group to start an online or phone meeting; the AA Online Intergroup is concerned that inbound traffic is going to overwhelm the server soon. These meetings are rapidly taking the place of face-to-face meetings. We are adding guide on how to set up a remote meeting (Thanks, NYIG!) We do not know if/how the online and phone meetings will feed into it. We have learned that our fellowship gets their information primarily from word-of-mouth; we need your help! Share this information, please. Breathe in love. Breathe out peace. Area-19-AnouncementDownload
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New Meetings in the area

New Meetings
-Let Go and Let God, Open Meeting at 6:30pm Fridays, Located at Morning Star Mission 350 E Washington St., Joliet, IL -Bunch of Wax, Open Meeting at 8:00pm Sundays, Located at St. Patrick's School 710 W Marion St., Joliet, IL
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