New Meeting Software Will Delete All Meetings

  • Your Group/Meeting must submit new information before 2/28/2021 in order to keep your meeting active.
  • One person may NOT submit information for multiple meetings. There must be a different contact for each meeting.
  • Your name, Phone #, and Email will NOT be published online. It is only so we know who made the changes and who to contact if more information is needed.

Changes can ONLY be made on the District 51 Website, in the upper right corner click the “Contact Us page, the form is called Meeting Change Form

2 thoughts on “New Meeting Software Will Delete All Meetings

  • Anonymous

    Now is not the time to do this. Most meetings that were meeting in person are not on zoom and when pandemic ends they will not be on list. Not fair

  • Website Administrator

    Thank you for your comment. District 51 receives daily emails about people trying to go to in-person meetings that are no longer active. Those people that are looking for meetings should have updated information available to them. This change will help enable us to serve the groups and individuals better by having updated information regardless of the meeting being in-person or online. If 1 person has access to the internet (or knows someone that does) that goes to a meeting then they are able to submit the meeting’s info to make sure they are still visible on the website and the Meeting Guide App. This change is for all meeting types, in-person and online.

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