Post Conference Area 19 Delegate Report

On line IL

POST CONFERENCE DELEGATE REPORT AREA 19 The purpose of this event is for our Delegate to explain the outcome and highlights of the General Service Conference (GSC) Thurs 5/6 6:00pm […]

Wednesday District Meetings

4309 S Talmman Ave Chicago

Due to COVID 19 restrictions, please contact your District Committee Chair for the most recent meeting locations. District 10 meets every other Wednesday. The GSR is the link between the […]

Literature Committee

Chicago Area Service Office 180 N Wabash Ave, Suite 305, Chicago

Regular monthly meeting. The purpose of this standing committee is to encourage AA groups to provide AA literature.  It ensures that AA literature is available at area events and conferences.  […]

This Calendar Includes Events From Area 19, Area 20, and YPAA Conventions Calendar.