Post Conference Area 19 Delegate Report

On line IL

POST CONFERENCE DELEGATE REPORT AREA 19 The purpose of this event is for our Delegate to explain the outcome and highlights of the General Service Conference (GSC) Thurs 5/6 6:00pm […]


PAASTOCK, Lockport AA Events Fundraiser

Dellwood Park Route 171 & Woods Drive, Lockport

PAASTOCK, Lockport AA Events Fundraiser Are you a Disc Golf enthusiast? Looking for Lockport AA Events? The PAASTOCK Crew will be at Dellwood Park in Lockport, IL to hold a […]


District 12 Prayer & Meditation Workshop

On line IL

District 12 is hosting a workshop on Prayer and Meditation. Expand Your Boundaries! 4 Speakers Breakout Session A guided Mediation Fellowship Click the informational flier below- District 12 Prayer & […]

This Calendar Includes Events From Area 19, Area 20, and YPAA Conventions Calendar.